TATA’s Contribution For A Better India

As Jamshedpur is going to unite on this 3rd of march to celebrate the 181st birthday of their founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. Let’s see how the TATA GROUP has been an integral part of this journey (from being under British Colonial rule to becoming fifth largest economy in the world) in making India what it is today, although many corporations contributed to it but one firm who contributed immensely to India’s growth and ensured the development of Indian industries was the TATA Group. TATA’s contribution to India in terms of industrial planning and policy framing played an important part in shaping up the country’s industries.

Two of the TATA GROUP ideas played a very important role in shaping Indian industries, the introduction of national disaster relief fund when India witnessed a significant refugee influx during partition, TATA wrote a letter to the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, requesting him to create a national relief fund and even offered to support the cause, and the introduction of commercial flights in the country. They believed that an airline could change the way the world perceived India and a chunk of the contribution to set up India’s first commercial airline. Also till date, government follows the industrial development rule envisaged by TATA .

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai | Courtesy: Travel Weekly

TATA, and it was Jamsetji who first instituted pension funds, accident compensation, and installed humidifiers and anti-fire sprinklers, for the welfare of his factory workers. It was the same spirit that led to the establishment of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel which has become an iconic symbol of the Mumbai city and of India itself.

When Jamsetji passed away in 1904, most of his pet projects were still in making—it would be eight more years before the Taj Mahal Palace ceased to be a white elephant and stood on its own feet, and seven years before the IISc began its remarkable journey. It was four years after his death that the construction of Jamshedpur began, with those avenues, parks and places of worship that he recommended, from making roads and steel to making tomorrow. TATA had developed in an enormous way & we are proud of it.

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur | Courtesy: Youthopia

There Are Definitely Bigger And Greater Companies Than TATA, But There Is No Firm Like TATA In The World.

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