Cure Of A Problem We Were Searching From Years

Amid the gloom of the daily assault on our society by the corona virus and the lock down against it, one silver lining along our collective clouds has been impossible to miss — the bright blue skies and cleaner air.

Pictures of clean Venice Canals, Dolphins in Cagliari, Swans in Milan.

Venice canals run clear, dolphins appear in Italy’s waterways amid corona virus lock down.
Picture: Getty / Twitter

Mumbai’s Marine Drive witness a school of Dolphins playing in the water

Pink Flamingos make a show at Navy Mumbai.

Delhi’s air pollution drops as air quality index drops to nearly 100 and China reports significant decrease in air pollution.

A recent (and surprisingly fact-based) gem that was doing the rounds on whatsapp revealed that, you could now, for the first time, see the foothills of the Himalayas in neighboring Himachal from Jalandhar in Punjab, thanks to clear skies.

Even small cities like Indore or Jamshedpur or Bokaro are now seeing a great improvement in every way.

If we talk about our river issues we have been complaining from a very long time that our rivers are not clean enough, we always criticize the government & the local people for the pollution but even that problem is cured, Yamuna or Ganga both have been recovered, it’s just a miracle nothing else according to me.

A clear view of river Ganga during lock down
–> Are these things connected ?

Initial research by Harvard’s T H Chan School of Public Health has suggested that there could be a correlation between air pollution and the deadliness of Covid-19. What they have suggested is that, the countries or the areas which are most affected by this virus have a high pollution rate. They came to this conclusion by researching on almost 3000 cities in USA. Even here in India the most number of cases are from Mumbai and Delhi, that’s somehow proving their point.

Screenshot of the article published by HARVARD T.H. CHAN

A similar study in Italy by scientists from Denmark’s Aarhus University pointed out that regions in the northern part of that country, which faced high levels of air pollution, registered the highest number of corona virus related deaths (12 per cent versus 4.5 per cent in the southern part).

India’s situation is horrific in this regard. A study conducted by the Kolkata based Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) found that the key indicators of respiratory health and lung function of school children in Delhi between 4 and 17 years of age were markedly worse than their counterparts elsewhere.

–> How can we keep this up ?

The thing is we can’t have this lock down for ever, the labour force participation rate in India stood at 49.8 percent in the 2017-18 fiscal year, the [ Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) ]. A country with this much of a labour force who earns on daily wages can’t afford a lock-down for ever. So, what is the solution where we can drive economy up without lowering the air quality?

Renewable Energy is definitely one of the answers besides that natural fertilizer is quite useful but what else? Many more things like bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream, which the think tank of Indian government Niti Aayog is already doing, other than that less river pollution by corporate companies and also we as a person must make sure that we don’t throw any type of waste into these rivers for maintaining their purity, recycling or what we have studied in our schools the concept of 4-R, less use of plastic and many more things. But the main function or the real burden we have on our head is to implement these things. We do have a chance this time because half of the task is already done by the mother nature, now it depends on our will & dedication that we want to prevent this clean atmosphere or not.

Some Steps In Order To Make This World Less Polluted.

Through these extremely difficult and dangerous times, Mother Earth has found a way to heal. Our planet has shown us what differences can be made, by change of our lifestyles, even in a short span of time. We always wondered if it was too late to combat climate change? But Mother Earth has shown us that we can reverse it and help her heal if we all do it together.

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