Why Police Reforms Is A Must Needed Step In India

In the beginning I want to confess that I truly appreciate all the great deeds done by our policemen in order to protect us from bad elements of the society, but in similar way we truly cannot neglect the fact that some policemen in real life are cruel and by cruel I mean they did not listen to facts what they really wanna do is harass us in one way or another and this is bad, this editorial will describe a few facts reletaed to the situation.

You all have heard about the latest incident happened at Tamil Nadu, where a father and a son have been brutally tortured and it resulted in their death and their only crime was that they opened their shop for more than the given time and according to police that was a lockdown violation so somehow these people get in a feud with police and they were arrested.
On 23rd June their families were told that they are no more.

This Incident Draws Our Attention On A Bigger Problem And That Is Police Brutality Happening In All Over India And Why We Must Have A Police Reform.

The Point We Must Look Into Here Is Custodial Deaths, Because It’s Also A Custodial Death.

Timed with the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, ‘India: Annual Report on Torture 2019’ said 1,606 of the deaths happened in judicial custody and 125 in police custody.
“Out of the 125 deaths in police custody, Uttar Pradesh topped with 14 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu and Punjab with 11 deaths each and Bihar with 10 deaths,” said the report published by the National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT).

This Police Custody chart simply proves the point that deaths under police custody is continuously increasing. The attacks which are common and can cause you extreme pain in police custody are hitting your nails with hammer, urinate in your mouth and hurt your private body parts.
Most of the time these incidents were not reported but they are happening continuously around us, and most of the time these people were not punished and that is why these numbers are increasing day by day.

In 2017 only 62 cases pertaining to custodial deaths, 33 police persons were arrested, 27 were charge sheeted, four were acquitted or discharged, and none were convicted.
These are the reasons why their moral is getting boost up.

This Create Two Questions In Our Mind
1. Who Saves Police In These Cases ?

Basically what happens is there is a nexus of police and politicians in our country and in most cases criminals become politicians in our country, they both help each other in getting promotions and support.
somehow this nexus is the main reason regarding most of the crimes in country, you all are must aware with Kuldeep Singh Sengar case.

2. Why Police Is So Violent ?

There are many reasons behind it but some of the main are their way of training which was not changed since Victorian era in which they were taught that violence is only solution to control the protest, even I agree that in some conditions like the protests happened at Delhi in which policemen were attacked by the mob are some of the situations where violence is necessary but in some cases they must show empathy towards people.
Their harsh working conditions is also of the main reason behind their anger towards people, one of the news reports suggest that most police personnel work for 14 hours a day on an average and they didn’t even get weekly offs and the main reason behind it is lack of workforce.
Earlier, the proposal to work in an eight-hour shift system was proposed, but it was turned down due to severe shortage of manpower in the force.

They Are Overworked, Underpaid, Under Staffed and most importantly Less Appreciated, This Create Mental Stress And This Is The Most Appropriate Reason Of Their Rude Behavior.

Please don’t get me wrong when I’m pointing these things, I too condemned their bad steps like taking bribe, but we should understand that their are good and bad elements both in any society, my point here is for good and honest policemen.

How You Can Get Justice When There Is So Much Mess Around Us ?

Usually our way of getting justice legally is by registering a case against person in court or we can go to Human Rights Council or we can register a police complaint against the criminal but is it possible when a police man is involved ? According to our laws it is but in real time scenario, I don’t think that in any way it will be effective.

That Is The Main Reason Why From A Long Time Many Committees Were Created In Order To Do These Reforms.

In 2006 Prakash Singh and others vs Union of India and others judgement was out in which court given some directives to bring police reforms to both central and state government.
In 2018 few more directives were ordered by Supreme Court Of India.

The main motive of these directives were to separate police and politicians to maintain law and order, but these reforms only remained on paper, where seventeen states have established the PCAs through State Police Acts, while 10 of them have done so through executive orders.
The States that have not operationalised the PCAs include West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh has opted to set them up only at the district level. Twenty-two States selected personnel to the PCAs without having an independent panel selecting them from a shortlist as mandated by the court.

The Solution Of This Issue

The solutions that government can perform at today’s time are related to their training in which they must train in order to take bold decisions but at the same time they must empathized towards people also their pay grade issues and staffing issues should be resolved as well as government must provide them proper equipment equipped with latest technologies but at the same time there should be equal punishment for policemen who done these types of hideous crimes.

If These Steps Were Taken Carefully, I Personally Believe We Can Resolve These Issues Of Policemen And Common People Simultaneously.

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