Sportswoman, Chef, YouTuber, Housewife – The Razia Khatoon Journey

Do you all remember the moment when our families sit together at dinner and we all enjoy our meal? As we take the first bite of our food we could remember that feeling of satisfaction and happiness of enjoying the delicious food with the people whom we love. Have we ever asked ourselves, does food connect us? Does it light up our mood, when we share the meal together? It is in ourselves, we have been sharing foods throughout history and it is a language that connects us all.

13 Best Indian Recipes | Popular Indian Recipes - NDTV FoodNo matter what language we speak, German, Chinese, or English we can always stir the pot and cook something that we all will enjoy, and our bellies would be happy. Sharing foods and recipes is one common language that we all understand.

In today’s time, we could have as many cooking tutorials as we want–just search on Google and you shall find an article or a video. We the people of Jamshedpur are very lucky, as we have our very own cooking channel and its recipes are not only delicious but also very easy to cook.

During an exclusive interview with Razia Khatoon, owner of Cook With Razia, we got the privilege to understand her workstyle, she also narrated her journey towards becoming a successful YouTuber and a lot of other things.

Cooking! How this topic interests you?

Telling you frankly, I seriously have no interest in cooking since 2016. But during mid-2016 when Jio was launched and the internet became so cheap, I started watching a lot of YouTube videos. I watched one of the videos of Nisha Madhulika, who is my inspiration too. I tried one of her recipes at my brother’s birthday party, and surprisingly everyone in the house loved it.

From Archery to Cooking, tell us about this paradigm shift in your life?

I was doing my studies and was into sports too, starting a YouTube channel and making videos was not part of my plan initially. It was just for fun, the fan base I earned from my sports career was very demanding. They always ask for different dishes and recipes from me and this became the reason for me to keep working on videos and continuing the channel.

How your family reacted when you asked to pursue it as a career?

Money was never the motive, and as I told you earlier, I entered into it because of my family only. Being the only child in the family, they were proud of my achievements as an archer, and whenever I did something out of the box be it cooking or something else they always had my back.

That Rasmalai Recipe & the feeling of creating the very first video & uploading on YT, tell us the memories?

Actually, I had tried Rasmalai for the very first time as a chef and luckily it turned out very tasty as I told you earlier too, it was my brother’s birthday and everyone really liked it. Later that day I thought why not show it to more people? That’s the time when I uploaded my first YT video and I didn’t care if somebody will watch it or not. That was just my excitement to learn, how to make a video and upload it on the internet. Like most people, I have also shared the video with my family members and relatives for getting my first views.

There was one funny moment while I was sharing the video among my relatives, no one believed that I was really behind the video because I didn’t show my face in the entire video.

How was the feeling when your videos started tracking genuine views?

I don’t remember the exact no.s, but I do remember that I had uploaded a video of Gajar Ka Halwa and that video received a lot of applause, as I can recapitulate, that video got almost 15k views in merely 1 week. After this I used to wake up early and watch the stats of my videos, just to feel the happiness and keep myself motivated.

Silver Play Button! The dream of every YouTuber?

YouTube is a platform where you need consistency and because I never thought of it as a career plan earlier, I was not very consistent and that’s the reason, I believe, I received it a little late. But yeah it was worth it and I remember I received my Silver Play Button right one week after my marriage, so that was quite a fascinating moment for me.

How you managed the YouTube as well as Archery that needs consistent hardwork?

I retained my passion for sports from 2013 to 2017, and it’s not that I don’t miss sports but after a while, you have to work according to your ability.

In my sports career, I had played till National Level, won a gold medal with 22 other medals and awards during my 4 years career span.

Razia Cookery Classes! How’s that going?

They say, “Something that started, will progress either slowly or fast”. This happened to me as well. In the very beginning, when I started the YouTube channel I had my studies as well as sports. But due to a major back injury, I have to get away from sports, and then I poured all my efforts into YouTube.

I took cookery classes in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and realized my strong point is baking. In the beginning, I made some cakes that were appreciated by many people and they requested me to teach them as well. That’s how it got started and by god’s grace, it’s doing well if I talk in facts and figures I’ve trained almost 1500 to 2000 people to date, in Jharkhand alone.

Any collaboration memory that you want to share?

Our city actually doesn’t provide you with an opportunity where you can collaborate with someone working in a similar domain because there were no such channels here, in the beginning, but now it started emerging but not at that level.
But yes, I have done a collaboration In Mumbai, with My Kitchen My Dish. I also interacted with many other YouTubers from different cities of India at YouTube events.

What are your future plans?

It was started just for fun, but now I am very much serious about it and I have plans to make it even bigger. Also, I have a responsibility of my fans who’re supporting me, thus it’s my moral duty to not let them down.

My future plans would be to maintain my consistency, give high-quality content, and must make sure that my videos will satisfy their queries. Apart from that, I am a housewife so my responsibility is there as well so I want to maintain the work order as well as my personal life.

My message to the youth and all the people who want to follow their passion is, please don’t run after money, you will eventually get it. Give your best and never loose hope because in one way or another there will always be something for you.

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