Kdlife : Who Roast With Respect

Kundan Srivastav a.k.a Kdlife, a well-known public figure and a resident of the steel city, is one of the rising stars of YouTube, recently his YouTube channel has surpassed 300K subscribers. He is popular for his roasting videos because he doesn’t utter a single abusive word in his videos, which makes him stand out from other roasters on YouTube.

In an exclusive interview with Kundan, we had a chat regarding his content, work-life balance, style of roasting, and many more things.

How you started your journey as a YouTuber?

I began my YouTube career with a tech channel. It was about bitcoins & cryptocurrencies, I started it in college (BIT Sindri) when I was pursuing my B.Tech. Thus, making videos was easy but in 2018 when I came back home, it started becoming difficult for me as I was not getting the right support. Then I tried my hands-on vlogging because it’s mostly recorded outside and I received a great response from the viewers too. But due to my commitments towards my studies and placements, I couldn’t focus on it.

There came a long gap between my videos and because of my financial instability at that time, I dropped the idea of vlogging.

From vlogging to roasting, how come?

I got a job, in Bangalore and in the initial 5 months, I didn’t upload a single video. But due to lockdown, I got stuck in my room and I don’t have much work that’s when I decided that I will make roasting videos.
My first video was on the topic of TikTok vs YouTube, in which I got around 1 lakh views and after that, in the second video itself I got a million views. Within a month I achieved the milestone of 50000 subscribers.

From 50000 to 2 lakh subscribers, Tell us about achieving that milestone?

I never seriously thought, my videos would get this much appreciation. Subscriber count from 50000 to 80000 was normal, then I uploaded two videos, roast of Beauty Khan & Rakhi Sawant, Beauty Khan’s video was doing well, I got 4 lakh views on the video, but the video that really boosts the scenario was the video on TikTok ban, within a day that video got 1.5M views even today the video almost has 5M views, the effect of that video was so huge that Beauty Khan’s video which got stuck at 4 lakh views suddenly got a boost and got 3 million views.

That is my journey from 80000 to 200K subscribers.

Working in an MNC as well as making constant videos, how do you manage them both?

I was consistent in uploading videos, at times have to sacrifice my nights but I always try to upload them on time. The main reason behind my consistency is I’m far away from friends and family and after the work, I didn’t have much to do, that’s why I put all my efforts into videos.

Any specific thought, behind roasting videos and the unique concept of Izzat Ke Sath Beijati?

He shared, “I was never interested in making roasting videos. Whenever you hear about roasting videos, the first thing that comes into picture is abuse, which I can not.”
I thought about a video which consists of more facts then abuse and people reacted very well to it, I thought why should I abuse when I can get views by these videos.
Nowadays my parents watch my videos on TV and I’m proud of the fact.

Izzat Ke Sath Beijati is something I didn’t write intentionally when I made a roast video of Team 07, the title was Team 07 roast but there was very much space left because I said the same words in my video as well so I put those words in the YouTube title and received a lot of applauds.

Every YouTuber has a dream of getting a Silver Button, Tell us about that moment?

I got my silver play button in august, If I honestly tell you, I never thought of having more than 1L subscribers, the feeling of a silver button is good, but what I focus most on is the facts I’m sharing and the content which I’m sharing with my audience.

Usually, you will get a lot of videos on the same topic, so why would people choose my video, there should be something unique in my videos either it should be editing or facts and that’s my main focus always.

Can you explain your process of making videos?

I make my videos from scratch. I edit, write and perform by myself. I don’t have any team for content creation, sometimes my followers help me with research but that’s the case for some videos mostly I do these tasks on my own.

Nowadays how do you meet the expectations of fans?

Recently I tried to improve my editing, sound quality, scripts etc in my new videos. I bought a new mike set and camera for giving people a better experience and trying to add things like animations for some extra humour.

Apart from this, I always try to make videos on trending topics.
While working for an IT company, I too like most people get free time during work, I always utilize that time for research.

Your Future Plans with This Channel and YouTube?

I’m completely dedicated to this channel. I haven’t been to my home for the last 1.5 years because the last time I went home from college, I could not concentrate on making videos and I did not want to repeat the same mistake again.

My intent is clear I want to grow myself and my channel and I will try everything possible.

My message to people who want to make their career in YouTube is first to find your interest, if you try to imitate someone, you could not find happiness but if you try to make videos on the topic you like, it will not being fun it also motivates you to do more, even you are not getting money or views.

Focus on passion and try to put in all the hard work, You will definitely get success.

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