No More Restrictions or Lockdowns, Shed Covid Fatigue


A constant try in the same pattern to avoid something inevitable is futile. Governments who are imposing lockdown or restrictions must understand that lockdown which was a solution in the initial days of the pandemic is futile amid the second wave.

Containing the virus now calls for not lockdowns but a combination of rigorous enforcement of covid appropriate behaviour and intensification of vaccination drive.
After receiving the first dose of the vaccine, immunity kicks in within a couple of weeks. Millions of people have vaccinated and are immune, even in the regions where the virus is running amok now.

Instead of restrictions, what is called for is getting those vaccinated to lead the country’s journey to a post-pandemic world, and to increase the numbers of those vaccinated, by enhancing vaccine supplies.

Infected should be treated at home if their symptoms do not need hospitalisation also their homes should be served as micro-containment zone, to prevent further spreading.

Politicians who sacrificed all the guidelines during elections are now demanding restrictions.

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What they can do is, they can ask their student bodies & youth leaders to promote awareness and benefits of the vaccine.

Increasing supplies is key to stepping up the pace of vaccination, the government must issue compulsory licences to manufactures to increase the supply, this is the only possible path to end Corona.

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